Park Play Community Programs Inc.


Program Testimonials

Please enjoy a few words from some of our families.

Our daughter has attended Park Play for the last two years, she is starting her third year.   Out of all the various child care options available, she has attended almost all of them: before and after, schools out day camps, and most recently the 5/7 weeks where summer camps were offered.  

We have complete confidence in the care she is being provided and that the menu items provided by staff are properly prepared and handled. As any parent knows, there will be 'something' that happens, whether that is an attitude problem with your child and they had a bad day or a trip and fall, but from my experience when those situations did occur they were dealt with promptly and with open and honest communication from staff.  

Not every day, but very regularly, we received daily updates from staff on how the day went, good things and sometimes not so good things about how she behaved.  But communication from staff and supervisors has always been polite and professional.  

I had two instances, in 3 years, where I provided feedback to staff and management and the issue was promptly dealt with that same day and an update was provided from management.  

I highly recommend this program.
Lisa B