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Update: Monday November 9, 2020

As of November 9, 2020, in alignment with the policies put in place by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and both the Regina Catholic School Division and Regina Public Schools, Park Play will abide by a strict mask policy for all children and staff within our programs regardless of age or grade. For parents picking up or dropping off at a location that allows parents/guardians to step into the building, please note that masks are required as well. 

Thank you for your cooperation as we all work towards keeping one another safe and healthy.

Update: Monday September 1, 2020



In-School B&A Drop Off/Pick Up

The following is a revision for Drop off & Pick up procedures at all in-school locations. Due to school guidelines, parents are asked not to enter into the school building, and therefore the Kiss N’ Drop method will be utilized at in-school B&A locations as well. Please read through the following carefully:

Drop Off

To drop your child off at B&A in the morning before school, please walk him or her to the door. Each school will have a different assigned door so please see below:

Oak (St. Timothy)- main school doors

Juniper (St. Bernadette)- main school doors

Cypress (Elsie Mironuck)- back door near Coldwell Road

Aspen (St. Nicholas & Plainsview)- Community Entrance

Willow (St. Kateri & Harbour Landing)- Community Entrance

Once you have approached the entrance, please text the location phone below. Once met by a staff member, your child may enter the school and will be guided to his or her pod. Attendance will be taken as the children enter the building as well as in their pods.

Pick Up

On your child’s first day at B&A each family will be provided with two Kiss N’ Drop ID cards. You will be required to present this ID card to a Park Play staff member at pick up time for safety purposes.

1. When you arrive at the school, please stand next to a numbered pylon close to the specified entrance (same as before school).

2. Call or text the location phone number (see below) and let them know the name of your child(ren) ready for pickup, along with your pylon number.

                Oak (St. Timothy)- 306-541-6478

                Juniper (St. Bernadette)- 306-541-6489

                Cypress (Elsie Mironuck)- 306-541-3162

                Aspen (St. Nicholas & Plainsview)- 306-541-3751

                Willow (St. Kateri & Harbour Landing)- 306-541-3752

3. A B&A staff member will help you children get ready to leave, meet you at the pylon and check your ID card before leaving.

*Any parent or guardian that is unable to provide a Kiss N’ Drop ID card will be asked to provide photo ID and the individual’s name must match Park Play’s records.

illness in care

Children who present signs of illness while in care will be required to be picked up immediately. For B&A students, the child's school along with the Saskatchewan Health Authority will be notified by a Park Play staff member. For all programs, only those attendees cleared by the Sakatchewan Health Authority will be permitted to return to B&A or preschool.


B&A supplies

Please be sure to send your children with the following items to B&A:

  • A pair of indoor shoes to use at B&A. Children are asked to please take their indoor shoes with them to and from B&A for in-school locations especially
  • A non-medical mask to wear at B&A. Children in grades 4-8 will be required to wear a non-medical mask while in care, and children in grades 1-3 are strongly encouraged to do so as well.
  • A labelled, reusable water bottle (sending one for both B&A and school is fine).
  • A hard pencil case to use and leave at B&A with a pack of markers, glue stick and pair of scissors for individual use.
  • Please be sure your child carries any emergency medication (i.e. puffer or EpiPen) with them if required.
  • Weather appropriate clothing, especially for those cold days, as we like to play outside and the Rosewood B&A will be taking the bus to and from school.


As of September 1, 2020 Park Play will be requiring all children, regardless of grade, to wear non-medical face masks while on the bus. Please be sure to send a mask with your child for their time on the Park Play bus. **This applies specifically to Rosewood B&A students.


Version Date: Thursday, August 13, 2020


In this unique time that we are in Park Play staff feels it is important to provide information to our B&A and Learning Tree families about the processes we are undertaking to maintain a healthy environment for the children at each location.  We will be updating this information regularly and ask that you come back often to check for the changes.  Also, we ask that if you have any further questions or comments that you email or call the office at PH: 306 992 5401. Your feedback is valuable to us and will help us meet the needs and wants of families. 

This plan is based on several documents provided by the school divisions and the provincial health authority.  We are also in regular communication with the school districts and the School Principals to ensure we are meeting the needs of each school and its environments. The following links will take you to the documents used:

Provincial Guidelines:

Child Care Facilities Guidelines
Primary and Secondary Educational Institution Guidelines

School District Guidelines:

Regina Public School Re-Opening Plan
Regina Catholic Schools Return to School Plan

Again, I would like to remind you that we will be updating this document as information is provided to us.  Your input is especially important to us as we go through this unique time.  We ask that you check back frequently to make sure you have the latest information.

Paul Schubert
Executive Director

General Guidelines

Physical Distancing

  • Park Play staff will, to the best of their abilities, encourage children in physical distancing and no-contact rules.
  • Staff will implement games, activities and methods for learning that abide by physical distancing and no-contact while providing opportunities for fun and creativity.

Handwashing Policies

  • Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering a facility and use by both parents/guardians and children will be required.
  • Hand sanitizer will be accessible at all times and encouraged when handwashing is not a readily available option.
  • Handwashing will be required when children arrive at a facility, as well as before eating and after playing, sneezing, coughing, or blowing one’s nose.
  • Staff will be required to wash hands upon entering the facilities, before handling food, regularly throughout the shift, as well as before leaving the facilities.

Student Personal Protective Equipment

  • As per the guidelines set by both the Regina Public School Board and Regina Catholic School Division, students from grades 4-8 will be required to wear non-medical masks at B&A when physical distancing measures are not possible or sustainable. For children in grades 1-3, the wearing of non-medical masks will be encouraged in these circumstances, but not required. Children who are not able to wear a mask due to medical reasons should contact the Park Play office.
  • At the Learning Tree Preschool, the use of non-medical masks will be optional for students and left up to the discretion of the child’s parent or guardian.

Implementing Pods

  • Park Play B&A will be assigning groups of 25 children maximum, referred to as “pods.”
  • At the Rosewood Location B&A children will be separated into pods based on school and split into separate rooms, or room sections designated by dividers.
  • For the Learning Tree Preschool, classes will be broken into pods of 15 children per room.
  • At in-school B&A locations with more than 25 children in attendance, children will be separated into pods of 25 individuals based on age and school, separated by room division or separate rooms when the facility allows.
  • Outdoor, physically distanced play will be encouraged as well as staggered by designated pods.

Toys & Play

  • The number of toys will be limited and comprised of items that can be easily cleaned and sanitized, as well as those that encourage individual play.
  • Each child will be required to bring a hard pencil case, labelled clearly with his or her name written in permanent marker. This will be left at B&A or preschool to store markers, pencil crayons and glue for individual use.
  • Gym equipment will be utilized by one pod at a time and sanitized thoroughly in between uses.
  • Games and activities that use minimal to no materials or supplies will be preferred and implemented.

Personal Belongings

  • As usual, children at Park Play are asked to bring a pair of indoor shoes and a labelled water bottle.
  • At the Rosewood Location, for both B&A and preschool, coat hooks will be assigned, as well as spaced out to accommodate for physical distancing.
  • At in-school B&A locations, designated places for children to store belongings (backpack, lunch kit, coat, etc.) will be assigned and will remain consistent from day-to-day. For those locations where belongings cannot be adequately spaced, children will be asked to store belongings in a large plastic bag, labelled and assigned to the child exclusively.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Rosewood Location Guidelines

  • Both the Learning Tree Preschool and B&A at the Rosewood Location will utilize the “Park Play Kiss N’ Drop” structure for drop off and pick up. Please review Appendix A at the end of this document for details.

In-School B&A Location Guidelines

  • Drop off and pick up procedures at all in-school locations (Aspen, Willow, Cypress, Juniper and Oak) are dependent on the guidelines developed by the individual schools and therefore are subject to change. Should these guidelines change parents/guardians will be notified.
  • Only one parent or guardian per family should enter into the facilities for drop off or pick up.
  • Each individual entering the facilities will be asked to promptly use the hand sanitizer provided at the drop-off station.
  • iPads will be used to operate the KidCheck app, with the touch screen disinfected between each use.
  • Physical distancing during the drop off and pick up process is required, including while standing in line. If there is inadequate room in the hallway to ensure a two-meter distance from others, please form a spaced, single file line outside of the building door.
  • At the time of drop off, parents and guardians will be asked if their child is showing any sign of illness. Children with potential symptoms of illness will not be permitted to enter the facilities.
  • Once your child has been checked in, we ask that you please avoid lingering but rather leave the facility promptly.
  • It is Park Play policy that parents/guardians are not allowed to enter care rooms to ensure the safety and health of all children in attendance.


Transportation Policies

Rosewood Bus

  • The Rosewood Bus will be cleaned before and after every route.
  • The driver will be required to wear a non-medical mask.
  • Seats will be assigned and remain consistent, grouping siblings and children from the same school together.

A.E. Perry Students

  • Transportation for Dr. A.E. Perry School students to and from Harbour Landing School B&A is being determined and arranged by the Regina Public School Board. At this time, Park Play has not received further information regarding bussing details but will provide parents with updates as soon as possible.

Protocol for Illness in Care

  • Any child showing symptoms of potential illness, including respiratory infection or cold-like symptoms, will be required to leave the facilities as soon as possible. A parent, guardian, or emergency contact will be called to pick up the child from care.
  • Children who are feeling unwell or are showing symptoms of potential illness will be required to isolate at least two meters away from others in a designated, supervised location. When possible, a separate room will be used. The child will remain in this location until picked up by a parent or guardian. The child may be asked to wear a disposable mask while waiting for pick-up.
  • If a child goes home ill from in-school B&A care, a staff member will relay this information to the child’s school administration.
  • Children may return to B&A or preschool when cleared by the Saskatchewan Health Authority or are no longer showing symptoms of potential illness.


Guidelines for Employees

Calling in Sick

  • Employees who are feeling unwell or are showing symptoms of potential illness are asked to stay at home or will be sent home from work immediately.
  • Following the departure of an unwell employee, contact surfaces will be sanitized.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Each employee will be asked to put on a fresh change of clothing upon arriving at each shift.
  • Employees will wear non-medical, cloth masks at all times while on the floor. Employees will only take off masks when necessary due to student needs (such as hearing disabilities) while maintaining physical distancing.  
  • Reusable masks must be washed after each shift and disposable masks must be discarded.
  • Staff members will wear gloves when there is a possibility he or she could come into contact with bodily fluids (blood, vomit, urine, runny nose, etc.).

Cleaning & Sanitizing Policies

  • All surfaces such as tabletops and chairs will be sanitized before and after each shift.
  • Commonly touched surfaces such as taps, toilets, light switches, and doorknobs will be sanitized before, during and after each shift.
  • Any fabrics used in cleaning will either be discarded at the end of each shift or washed after each use.
  • Toys and gym equipment will be sanitized after each use.
  • The exterior of the family-provided hard pencil cases will be sanitized after each use.



Appendix A

Park Play KISS N’ DROP

Keeping students safe in our programs.

Many elementary schools have started offering Kiss N' Drop programs where parents/guardians can drop off and pick up their children at a designated area on program/school properties. The program was established to provide a convenient and safe option for students and parents dropping their children off.

Please follow these parking lot and Kiss N' Drop safety guidelines:

  • Drivers must not get out of their vehicle.
  • Each family will receive 3 Park Play Family Kiss N’ Drop ID cards that MUST be shown at pick up.
  • Always respect traffic flow and abide all traffic laws and signs.

Drop Off

The Learning Tree Preschool: 9:00 - 9:15 AM OR 1:00 - 1:15 PM        

Before and After School Care: 7:00 - 8:20 AM

  • Vehicles entering the Kiss N' Drop lane must stay in the designated lane, entering at the Far North entrance of the church parking lot.
  • There is no parking in the Kiss N' Drop lane. Please pay attention to the traffic in front of you and pull forward as cars move forward.
  • Have your child ready to exit the car when you reach the curb in the designated Kiss N' Drop area. Students may only exit from the passenger (right) side of the vehicle and will be greeted by a B&A or Learning Tree Staff Member.
  • After dropping-off your child, please leave promptly using the designated South exit.

Pick Up

The Learning Tree Preschool: 11:00 - 11:15 AM OR 2:45 - 3:00 PM       

Before and After School Care 3:45 - 6:00 PM

  • Pick up will be very similar to drop off. Please have your Park Play Kiss N Drop Family ID ready when you pull into the Kiss N’ Drop Area this is our way to provide safety and security for your families

Preschool: We will have all the children line up ready in the hallway with their bags at 11:15 AM or 3:00 PM. We will have one staff at the Kiss N’ Drop area and they will radio to staff inside when a child’s parent has arrived. Please enter through the North entrance and line up in the designated lane. Once your child is safely buckled in your vehicle please leave the designated area by using the south exit.

Before and After School Care: Once you have pulled into the Kiss N’ Drop area or designated parking spot please call (306) 541-6233 and let the staff know your child’s name and what spot you are in. One of the staff will safely walk your child or children out to your vehicle and check your Kiss N Drop ID card.

Version Date: Thursday, August 13, 2020