Park Play Community Programming

School programs for children in Grades 1 through 8

Park Play Community Programming

Kids Being Kids

Children are given the freedom to be kids in a safe and fun environment. Our semi-structured programming allows children the freedom to choose activities that they would like to do and that they enjoy.


  • New schools added to our Before & After School Care Program

    New schools added to our Before & After School Care Program

    Well the school year is up and running, and we couldn't be more excited! Our School's Out Registration is now open. Please visit our schools out tab to find out more information!

    We wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy new school year!

About Park Play

At Park Play we value and therefore encourage creativity, respect, exploration, safety and team work. We will encourage your children to try new things and to never give up. Children will learn to respect themselves, to respect others, and to respect property in an environment in which children are able to explore who they are by engaging in various activities with various children. We are committed to enabling and equipping every child, parent/guardian, and staff to be effective members of our team. By working together we will uphold these values and see our vision to fruition.

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