Park Play Community Programs Inc.

Kids Being Kids

Children are given the freedom to be kids in a safe and fun environment. Our semi-structured programming allows children the freedom to choose activities that they would like to do and that they enjoy.

Program Details

Park Play Preschool provides classes for mini pre (Age 2), kids 3-4 years of age and kids 4-5 years of age. Learn more about our classes, schedules, Special activities, prices and availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in enrolling in one of our programs but have some questions? We have put together some common questions we occasionally get asked to help you out in making your decision.

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Online Registration

Register online to let us know what days and times you would like for your child. Online forms makes registration easier!

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About Park Play Preschool

Park Play Preschool offers what every child needs to learn and discover through play while having fun!

Park Play Preschool surroundings are bright and colourful, and are set up to encourage all types of play. The preschool encourages each individual to grow and become aware of others.

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